The David St. George Outreach Endowment Fund provides financial support to various local and diocesan charities active in outreach ministries. The grant money allocated by the David St. George Outreach Committee comes from the interest accrued by the Fund and a sizable donation from the Saint Peter’s OpShop.

In early fall, we send grant applications to a number of organizations and post the application on our web site. Information about an organization’s mission, financial reports showing income and expenses, a budget for the coming year, and details of how a grant would be used are all part of the application.

Funds are distributed with the following in mind:

“The David Saint George Outreach Endowment Committee is an outreach committee of Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church, Essex Fells, NJ. Its purpose is to distribute funds to organizations or groups, within the communities of Saint Peter’s and the Diocese of Newark, who seek to assist struggling individuals with food, shelter, education and/or support in hopes that they may one day be able to support and care for themselves. The distributed funds will be given in response to grant requests, submitted by these organizations, after prayerful consideration, discussion and investigation by the committee members. The aim of the committee is to not only assist individuals in need, but to focus on smaller organizations or projects for whom our limited resources would have the most impact.”

Dana Leach is the Chair for the DStG Outreach Endowment Fund. You may contact Dana to learn more about the Fund or if you are interested in participating in this ministry. Deadline for submission to be considered for our 2018 grant is November 1, 2018. Application can be found here.